Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Kitty Play Zone?

Kitty Play Zone is a cardboard playhouse and feeding station for kittens and cats. It has an internal climbing tower, loft area, and roof opening, where your cat can hide and play. For kids ages 8 years and up, assembly is easy, yet satisfying. Kids can decorate the white panels with art supplies to make the structure a cottage, castle, or whatever they dream up. It will provide hours of playtime for both kids and cats.

The Kitty Play Zone doubles as a feeding station. Two stainless steel bowls are included. They fit into two bowl pockets on the floor of the structure to provide a semi-private feeding area that is accessible through a side panel.

2. Who is Kitty Play Zone for?

Kitty Play Zone is great for families or pet owners with kittens or playful cats. The interactive features are kid friendly and promote playtime with the new family member. For more mature cats and pet owners, Kitty Play Zone can be used as a private hang out or cat bed. If preferred, the Kitty Play Zone can be used primarily as a semi-private feeding station as it helps to contain messes and keeps other animals at a distance.

3. What does Kitty Play Zone cost?

$49.95 delivered to your door. Free shipping in the contiguous US. Additional shipping charges will apply for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

4. How big is the shipping box?

Kitty Play Zone ships flat. The dimensions of the shipping box are 22" x 22" x 2.5".

5. What are the dimensions of Kitty Play Zone when assembled?

The dimensions of a fully assembled Kitty Play Zone are 22" x 22" x 29".

6. Where is Kitty Play Zone made?

Kitty Play Zone is made in the USA with the exception of the stainless steel bowls, which are made in India.

7. What is included in the box?

The Kitty Play Zone includes two stainless steel bowls and five cardboard pieces: walls, roof, base, internal structure, and climbing tower. No tools or adhesives are required for assembly. Just fold where indicated and push the tabs into place. See How It Works.

KPZ What's in the box?

8. Is Kitty Play Zone recyclable?

Yes, the cardboard can be recycled and the stainless steel bowls can be repurposed.

9. What is the return policy?

When purchased from AutoPets, any unused product (not having been assembled), complete and in the box, may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price if received within 30 days of the original purchase date. Please note that return shipping expense is the purchaser's responsibility, however keep in mind that we do refund the complete purchase price which included our original shipping expense.

10. Is there a warranty?

Yes, AutoPets stands behind the Kitty Play Zone with a 60-Day Limited Warranty. Starting from the date of purchase, we cover any defects in material, proper function, or workmanship.  AutoPets will replace any defective or missing pieces or replace the complete product if necessary. Click here for complete details.

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